EE 20 - James McCormack - The Barista Baron

James McCormack - The Barista Baron

James started his first company with just €500 which was borrowed from his wife after losing his job in the 2008 financial crash. This small investment launched a catering empire that spanned coffee shops, Mexican food outlets and corporate catering. He then lost it all.

We hear how James bounced back by becoming the Barista Baron and how he is now on the way to creating a global coffee business.

James is now the owner of The Dublin Barista School, 9th Degree Coffee and soon to be launched, World Barista Institute

In this episode, we discuss

  • The entrepreneur gene! Are entrepreneurs born or made?

  • His journey from overweight and unhappy to his current regime of no alochol and a strict 6 day per week workout schedule.

  • How he dealt with having to liquidate one of his early ventures and the fallout.

  • Where your beliefs and life views come from?

  • How Tony Robbins sparked a massive life change.

  • Why starting a business during a recession can actually be a good thing.

  • The dangers of saying yes to every opportunity.

  • Why taking a step back can actually allow you to make massive progress.

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