EE 30 - Micheál Dyer - Co-Founder Clean Cut Meals

Micheál Dyer and his co-founder Conor McCallion have built Ireland's largest meal prep company with zero outside funding from their HQ in Galway.

In this episode, Micheál breaks down the exact strategies they used to expand from just 23 customers in their first week, to now being Ireland's number 1 provider.

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EE 26 - Jack Teeling - Founder Teeling Whiskey

In just 7 years, Jack Teeling made Teeling Whiskey a global brand and built one of Dublin's best tourist attractions at his distillery in the Liberties.

In this episode, we uncover Jack's path from the trading desks of one of Ireland's biggest banks to building the first new distillery in Dublin in over 125 years & establishing Teeling Whiskey as a global brand.

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EE 25 - Gary Lavin - Founder VITHIT

Gary is a no-nonsense entrepreneur who shares the real reasons why his brand become a global success.

After his rugby career was ended by a serious injury, Gary Lavin jumped straight into his entrepreneurial journey.

Fast forward to 2019, and his drinks brand VITHIT sells 25 million units across the globe.

In the middle, he faced every challenge imaginable and almost lost everything.

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EE 20 - James McCormack - The Barista Baron

James started his first company with just €500 which was borrowed from his wife after losing his job in the 2008 financial crash. This small investment launched a catering empire that spanned coffee shops, Mexican food outlets, and corporate catering. He then lost it all.

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EE 19 - Caolan Cullen - The Irish Willy Wonka!

Most people take home some terrible souvenirs from their holidays. When he was just 22, when traveling around Thailand, Caolan Cullen discovered the idea that would become his future business.

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EE 18 - Shane Monahan - The Business of Sport

Why do so many professional sports stars become entrepreneurs?

In today's episode, we chat with former Leinster, Munster and Ireland rugby player, Shane Monahan, who brings us on his journey from sports star to entrepreneur.

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EE 15 - Siobhan O'Hagan - How to Sell Without Selling Out

How do you go from being on the path to becoming actuary to living in Thailand running a successful business from your laptop?

Siobhan O'Hagan is one of Ireland's best known online fitness coaches and in today’s episode breaks down how she quit her 9-5 job to become a personal trainer, and fitness entrepreneur.

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