EE 19 - Caolan Cullen - The Irish Willy Wonka!

Caolan Cullen - Arctic Stone Ice Cream

Most people take home some terrible souvenirs from their holidays. When he was just 22 years old, traveling around Thailand, Caolan Cullen discovered the idea that would become his future business.

Caolan is the founder of Arctic Stone Ice Cream, who were the first people in Ireland to make hand-rolled ice cream that is completely customizable. Named as one of the best young entrepreneurs in Ireland in 2019, he is creating his own ice cream empire here in Ireland.

He is a modern-day Willy Wonka, capable of making ice cream to any flavour you can dream of.

In this episode we discover:

  • How you can find business ideas in the most unlikely of places

  • The steps to taking action once you discover your idea

  • The secrets to making ice cream in every possible flavour

  • How Caolan bootstrapped and crowdfunded his early venture.

  • The brand deals that are driving a huge part of his business

  • His effort to set a Guinness world record

Show Notes

Arctic Stone Ice Cream

Arctic Stone Instagram

Caolan’s LinkedIn

The world record attempt

Book Recommendation

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