March Overview - The Entrepreneur Experiment

Each month, I am going to share a very honest summary of how The Entrepreneur Experiment project is progressing. I will reveal all the exact stats behind all the content I am producing and also hopefully as the project progress, the businesses that I am working on.

This is a snapshot of how many people are consuming my content, lesson’s I’ve learned and improvements that I’m making for next month, April 2019.

I have also included less important statistics like social follows, and reads on Medium. Medium is a blogging publication that I use to read a wider audience with my articles.

All data is from March 1st to March 31st, 2019. (except Medium which would not allow me to pull a specific date region so that is for the last 30 days.

All the statistics are pulled from each hosting channel, Libsyn for podcasts, YouTube for the videos, Squarespace for my website and Medium for the articles.

Podcast Downloads

Podcast March Statistics
Youtube March Analytics
March Youtube Videos
Website Visits March
Medium Reads March

Social Summary

LinkedIn Followers: 1,099

Instagram Followers: 1,570

Twitter Followers: 1,656

Medium Fans: 1,200

Planned Improvements for April


  • The podcast now has a set schedule, it will go live every Thursday morning at 6am. This is down to feedback from people who told me that they primarily listen to podcasts on their commute to work. People also said they preferred podcasts that had a set schedule, so they knew when each new episode would be launching. Done and done!

YouTube Channel

  • I’m going to start recording my podcast interviews and publish on my YouTube Channel.

  • The video’s are the most time consuming of all content forms to make and produce. I need to improve my process and focus on getting more concise when shooting.

  • Equipment! I am considering getting rid of all the photo gear I used when I was a professional photographer and use that money to buy modern gear more suitable for shooting a combo of video and photos. Considering the Sony A7 Mkiii.


  • Ironically, my most neglected content form considering it was the only form I had experience of prior to March. I haven’t updated my Medium since I started.

  • I will go back to my weekly publishing schedule on the blog, starting this weekend.

Lessons from March

  • LinkedIn has been the top performing social channel for driving traffic, double what Instagram and Twitter were able to produce.

  • I need to be much more discipled with my time and my schedule. I have introduced a strict posting schedule for the podcast to keep me on track.

  • It is much, much more work and far more time consuming that I had planned for. To make an hour of podcast content takes around 3/4 hours to make. I’ll do a much more detailed breakdown of this in the coming months.

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