How To Copy The Gary Vee Content Plan

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The guy is everywhere. I can’t open my Instagram or YouTube without being greeted by a new piece of content by the Gary Vaynerchuk. (AKA Gary Vee, AKA Gary Vay-ner-chuk)

If you haven’t seen a piece of Gary Vee content, welcome to the internet, it must be your first day around here. 

Disclaimer, I’m a Gary Vee fan. This isn’t going to be yet another tear down piece or “going in” on him. 

The guy is a content producing machine and his key hypothesis is that every business must be producing content or you are irrelevant. 

But is it really possible for a “normal entrepreneur” to produce the sheer volume of content he claims you need to thrive as a business?

How does he do it?

The simple answer is with a team of 20 people. The more complex answer is revealed in his extensive 80 slide content strategy document (see below). 

His team produce 80–100 pieces of content, PER DAY. This is spread across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, his website and on Medium.

During his recent keynote speech in Australia, Gary revealed fragments of his strategy so let’s break it down for the normal entrepreneur.

TL;DR, He uses pillar content, typically a keynote video, a speech or his vlog as a primary source of content. This is then chopped up by his content team.

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Youtube: He will post a full-length video, for example, a keynote speech, but also pull content for his daily vlog series and make shorter videos on a single theme.

Instagram: His team will pull a quote from the video and overlay with his image. They will also splice in short clips from the talk. The short clips are then pushed out on Instagram stories as teaser content for his YouTube channel. 

Twitter: He will directly interact with people while pushing out content from his website, Medium, etc.

LinkedIn: His team will repurpose the video into a longer form written article. This is the same for Medium. An interesting side note, he mentions his renewed focus on LinkedIn for 2018/2019, as he has seen very positive business ROI results from it in the last 12 months. Particularly in the B2B space. 

Is this possible for a normal entrepreneur?

For an entrepreneur who runs a solo business or has a couple of staff, this content strategy seems wildly unrealistic.

We must take a step back and examine what your goal is and what Gary’s goal is. Gary wants to become a global influencer in the business world and he is nailing it. For him, the team of 20 is a no-brainer expense. 

I would estimate the wage bill of the content team of 20 is covered by a single keynote speech per month. His speaking fee STARTS at $100,000. 

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His revenue streams are endless, first, consider how much new business the content is generating for his VaynerMedia Group and numerous side businesses. He mentioned in a recent video that new customers coming to VaynerMedia must have a minimum budget of $100,000.

Gary is in the content business. Are you? 

He also has his own sneaker range with K-Swiss, numerous best selling books, and the revenue from online ads on his content. At the time of writing, his YouTube channel had 131,661,346 views!

For most entrepreneurs, if they could increase sales 10% using content it would fundamentally change their business. 

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How to apply the Gary Vee Model on a budget

  1. Produce 1 long-form video content piece per week. Shoot on your phone if no other options. 

  2. Hire a video editor on Upwork or Fiverr to chop up that video into smaller video clips for Instagram.

  3. The video editor edits your video, adds a professional finish and publishes to YouTube for you.

  4. Hire a ghostwriter who converts your YouTube video into a Medium post, a LinkedIn post and blog for your personal website.

  5. Hire a graphic designer to produce custom graphics for your Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn based on your YouTube video. Get them to pull quotes from your video and create graphics and memes for social sharing.

Hourly rates on Upwork and Fiverr range from $5 to $100 so the model is possible to replicate on a small budget.

If you replicate the model, tag me in your content and let me know how it’s going.

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