EE 9 - James Murphy - Fitness Entrepreneur

Welcome to episode 9 of The Entrepreneur Experiment podcast where I chat with James Murphy, founder of Zest Fitness and BeatBox Gym.

Founded 6 years ago in the height of the last economic recession, James has built a business that now earns over 6 figures per year. Despite this, he’s willing to risk it all and start again with his latest venture.

James is the epitome of a calculated risk-taking entrepreneur. When we spoke, James was in the middle of a complete renovation of his second gym to convert it into a boxing experience gym.

James doesn’t mince his words and speaks extremely openly on the successes he’s had but also the pressure faced by entrepreneurs to keep improving and beating the competition.

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Show Notes

Glofox - the gym software used by James

Tony Robbins - 7 Steps on Spotify

The Culture Code - James’ book recommendation.