April Overview - The Entrepreneur Experiment

Welcome to month 2 overview of my entrepreneur experiment project.

This is a snapshot of how many people are consuming my content, lesson’s I’ve learned and improvements that I’m making for next month, May 2019.

I have also included less important statistics like social follows, and reads on Medium.

All data is from April 1st to April 30th, 2019. (except Medium which would not allow me to pull a specific date region so that is for the last 30 days rolling.)

All the statistics are pulled from each hosting channel, Libsyn for podcasts, YouTube for the videos, Squarespace for my website and Medium for the articles

Podcast Downloads

March Downloads = 393

April Downloads = 493

Increased by 100 listens from my first month. Solid progress. Just 4 listens short of reaching a 1000 downloads but we got that within the first few days of May.

My aim each month is to show a steady increase in listeners.

April Downloads The Entrepreneur Experiment Podcast

YouTube Channel

April YouTube Statistics The Entrepreneur Experiment

April was a complete miss for YouTube videos and I didn’t publish a single video.

Major improvements needed here for May.

I could make excuses but I simply didn’t prioritise the video side of the experiment. The podcast was getting fantastic feedback from people and I simply poured more effort into that.

Videos take a much longer time to shoot and edit when you compare it with a podcast or blog post. This simply means I need to have a better plan and work to be more efficient when doing them. Longer term, after 15-20 videos, I plan to get a videographer to help me shoot and edit.

In the meantime, I need to learn the process so that I can work efficiently when I do get the extra help.

YouTube is the hardest medium that I’ve started as there is such a huge gulf between people starting and those who have been producing for 6 months of more. With a podcast or blog, it’s much easier to get to a decent standard quickly but with video there is nowhere to hide. The videography and sound need to be really sharp to hold people’s interest.

Website Traffic

April Website Traffic The Entrepreneur Experiment

As you can see from the stats, it was a 33% drop in traffic from March. I would imagine this is down to the initial spike from launching the project which then dropped off.

One thing I’m struggling with is sending my traffic to all different destinations, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, etc.

I need to produce more content that is exclusive to my site only and drive people to my site.

Longterm, I want the site to be the first place people land when they search for me. It will act as a jumping off point for all my content but I need people to start here. I don’t want to be overly reliant on a platform such as Instagram or LinkedIn as you are then at the mercy of algorithm changes. I never want to have to pay for people to see my content.

Medium Traffic

Medium Traffic April The Entrepreneur Experiment

I am not sure what to do with my Medium page. I am not publishing any new content here as I’m not putting all my blog content here on my own website. I’ll decide this month whether to continue with Medium or simply just get rid of it. I might put slimmed down versions of my blog posts up there with links directly back to my site.

I did read a great blog post recently where the author put his Medium content behind a paywall and it was generating a few hundred dollars per month for him so this is something I would consider.

April Social Summary

LinkedIn Followers: 1,117 (+18 March)

Instagram Followers: 1,604 (+34 March)

Twitter Followers: 1,685 (+ 29 March)

Medium Fans: 1,200 (No Change - Medium only shows you stats to nearest 100)



Stick to the damn schedule!

I have 3 fantastic guests lined up so I need to keep that momentum up and get a pipeline of interesting people lined up. Momentum brings momentum.


I will put out at least 2 videos in May to get traction back for the channel.


I am putting together a monthly newsletter that will roundup all my best content from the month. This will help focus my mind on the website and ensure a weekly schedule is met.

Lessons from April

  • Self doubt after huge momentum from the initial launch has resulted in missed deadlines. I am combating this by adhering to a very strict daily and weekly schedule both personally and in terms of content. I’m going to write an entire blog post about this. I am fascinated by “The Perfect Day” and how highly efficient people get things done.

  • I attended a mindset workshop by Brian Keane and found it incredible beneficial. My goal is to do one thing per month that is an investment in myself.

  • I need external accountability. This was the number one thing I took from the workshop. Motivation/will power will ebb and flow. Outside of my public publishing schedule, I am going to get a coach in both fitness and business. If you can recommend a fitness or business mentor, then drop me a mail. For the business coach, I am only looking for people who have a proven entrepreneur background.

Updated Publishing Schedule.

Podcast - Thursdays at 6am.

Blog/Website - Friday at 9am

YouTube - Every second Wednesday at 6am