StartuP Resources

I've broken down all the resources I used to build my business.


websites & design



I've designed all my websites on Squarespace. It makes it extremely simple to get up and running quickly. Having used Wordpress and Squarespace, it's the clear winner if you are not very technically minded. 

Theres a 14-day free trial to try it out first. Once you get up and running, it costs around €140 per year. 




Find your own domain name with GoDaddy. I've used this to register all my business names. I've collected around 25 different domains on GoDaddy. Simple to use from start to finish.




I started using UpWork as an experiment to see if I could outsource some of my smaller tasks. I have used it for logo design, graphics and research. 

You can set the task, budget and people will send proposals to you. You can outsource tasks to people all over the world where per hour work is cheaper or find people with better skills.

Highly recommeded.  


Journals & Notebooks

Moleskin Notebook

I carry one with me everywhere. This doubles up as my ideas book and my day-to-day notebook. 
My memory is awful so I take a note of every phone I take and also create a weekly and daily task list.



I use this journal every single day without fail. It's made a massive impact on both my personal and business life.